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Userguide » shipping rules » #122. How do shipping rules work?
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How do shipping rules work?
Setting the correct shipping rules can be quite complicated and it is important to know how creating shipping rules work and how they will affect the basket.
When creating shipping rules, the order in which they are created and displayed can have a big impact on your store. Shipping rules are applied in the same order as they are displayed within the shipping area of your Dashboard.
The following example shows how this would work in practice ...
The first 3 rules create regions to allow the customer to select the region they wish the order to be shipped to. Each of these regions apply a different shipping charge.
Our 4th rule applies a flat rate charge of £0.00 if the total order is above £100 regardless of which region is selected
This means regardless of what region is selected, if the order exceeds £100 a flat rate shipping charge of £0.00 is applied. In effect, if the customers spends more than £100, you are offering free shipping.
Now what would happen if we move the charge for total value to the top?
First, if the order value exceeds £100 then it will charge a flat rate of £0.00. However, the following three rules would then still apply the flat rate shipping charge for the region selected and the customer would be charged shipping regardless of the total value of the order.